The Used Car Buyer's Manual II:

How to Get the Best Buy on a Private-Party Sale

 We offer helpful advice for the consumer on car buying, selling and maintenance tips designed to save time and money. Reprinted from the The Used Car Buyer's Manual:


First of all I would like to thank you for purchasing this manual. You just made a smart move, because this book is designed to save you time and money. And time and money will indeed be saved. I guarantee it.

    As with any written information, you will benefit the most by studying and memorizing what is being presented to you here. All the chapters have been written in easy-to-understand English, and all the crucial information has been printed in capital letters, so DON'T FORGET WHAT IS WRITTEN IN CAPS!

    The first part of The Used Car Buyer's Manual focuses on buying a used car from a private individual. I notice that all the other car buying guides currently on the market seem to miss the boat on this subject by usually only offering one small chapter on it. This is an area I emphasize because you benefit most by avoiding the dealers and negotiating with someone on the same level as you. The used car lots should be left as a last resort. However, if you reach the point where you must buy through a dealer, you need not worry. I offer plenty of information in the second part of my book: How to Buy a Used Car From a Dealer. This is where I go into detail on everything from dealer shenanigans to, well, dealer shenanigans.

    Unlike all the other car buying guides available, I offer a reliable used car directory in Appendix A which can save you time and legwork by immediately starting you off on the right foot. Everyone knows that not all cars are created equal. Instead of having to spend hours at the library reading up on automotive ratings to weed out the reliables from the undesirables, I have already done it for you. This creates a nice shortcut to making a wise used car investment.
    As for the auto inspection, there's no need to take notes. I have already done that for you too. In Appendix B you will find an inspection checklist which I welcome you to photocopy for (personal use, of course). It follows the steps in chapters 3 and 4 almost verbatim, making it as convenient as possible for you to perform a thorough inspection.

    As you can see, I tried my hardest to take the misery and the mystery out of car buying. But I didn't stop there. Chapter 8 shows you how to sell your used car for its maximum worth, which I strongly urge over trading it in.

    And finally, chapter 9 goes into detail about car care. It wouldn't make much sense to invest in a good used car if you didn't know how to care for it properly, would it?

    I spent a year of my life writing this manual and the previous 16 years at the school of hard knocks learning it. Now the ball is your court. With a little time and effort on your part, you can discover in a week or two what took me many years (and much, much more $$$) to learn. Now, without further adieu, thanks again and good luck!