Reasons for moving.

Moving, Reasons for. Reasons for moving were collected from the householder and other persons, 1 year old and over, who were living in a different house/apartment 1 year prior to the March survey. Persons who moved with the householder were assigned the reason of the householder.

Change in marital status: Person moved because of family formation or dissolution resulting in a change in marital status classification to one of the following categories: married, widowed, separated or divorced.

To establish own household: People who moved out of an existing household in order to establish a separate one.

Other family reason: All other reasons not listed above that are family related.

New job or job transfer: People who moved because of a new job or location of existing job moved. This also included military transfers.

To look for work or lost job: People who move in order to find work.

To be closer to work/easier commute: People who move to be closer to their work and/or cut their commuting time.

Retired: People who, after retirement from a job, have changed their place of residence.

Other job related reason: All other reasons not listed above that are job related.

Wanted to own home/not rent: People who wanted to own their own home and not rent a house or apartment.

Wanted a new or better house/apartment: People who wanted to move from their current home/apartment to a new, bigger/better house/apartment.

Wanted better neighborhood/less crime: People who wanted to move to a better neighborhood and or a neighborhood with less crime.

Wanted cheaper housing: People who moved to cheaper/less expensive house/apartment.

Other housing reason: All other reasons not listed above that are housing related.

To attend/leave college: People who leave a place of residence to attend college or who leave college to return to previous place of residence or move elsewhere.

Change of climate: People who moved to a better climate.

Health reasons: Any change of residence based on the health of the individual or another person.

Other reason: All other reasons not listed.